I want to use this article as a method of explaining where I am coming from and where I plan to go. I was an Infantryman for most of my career in the military and went on a number of deployments. Somewhere along the course of all that - aside from the normal wear-and-tear that comes along with that life - I incurred a traumatic brain injury, which led to a brain tumor.

Actually, that’s an oversimplification. Technically, bleeding in my brain led to the formation of a cholesterol granuloma of my pretorius apex, which is medical jargon for, “I didn’t exactly have a brain tumor, but rather a rare collection of stuff deep within my inner ear where it meets the base of my skull.” Because it wasn’t inside my dura, which is the sack that keeps your brain fluids with your brain, it wasn’t technically a brain tumor. However, since most people have no idea what a pretorius apex is, much less a granuloma, it’s much easier to say I had a brain tumor. Nonetheless, I feel it important to clear all that up before I get accused of committing “stolen broke-dickery,” or whatever it’s called when you fake a military medical condition.