This section is dedicated to articles on homesteading. The internet is flooded with articles and opinion pieces on this topic, written mostly by individuals who have theorized on the topic. Having noticed a rise in the popularity of homesteading over the years, I decided that if I ever had the opportunity to live on a farm, I would try to provide firsthand information on the topic, and test as much of the information being released to the public as I can. I’m not an expert on any of this: I’m just a guy with a farm who’s decided to write things for the internet and its users. However, I feel as an American the essence of our freedom comes from being able to take care of our own needs. In my mind, independence means depending on no one but yourself when it comes to providing for your basic necessities. This page will chronicle my journey down this path as I explore the practical side of the homesteading mindset with real-world application.